This is a podcast for anyone needing real-life experience and practical answers to the pivotal importance of a self-care plan as a way for a better, healthier, and more productive life and business.

Hilary began Sick Biz so fellow Sick Biz entrepreneurs don’t have to go through what she went through upon diagnosis and in the last SBB Podcast of 2018 she talks about the life-changing power of a written self-care plan.

Hilary opens up about getting real with herself about what can and cannot be accomplished in a given day and how a self-care plan helps balance illness, business, and life. Sick Biz Entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of running their lives or businesses like the average person; instead, they must accommodate their illnesses and its symptoms every single day.

In this podcast, Hilary reviews the different aspects that are required for a self-care plan. Including adequate rest/sleep, food/nutrition, mindset/self-validation, time-management, and relationships/socializing with an emphasis on the honesty and self-compassion required for a Self-Care Plan that works.

Without judgment or ridicule, Hilary shares what’s in her own plan as well as how everything falls apart when self-care isn’t prioritized.

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