Scott Mulvaney started Fuel Foundations whose goal and mission is to support philanthropic, charitable, volunteerism activities in and around the Greater Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA region. He is also a killer podcast host of Live the Fuel existing to FUEL Your Health, Business, Lifestyle. His podcast targets positive change for the Gen-X & Millennials. And as a former hotshot (don’t worry, he’ll explain it), Scott is writing a book about his experiences and sharing the reason his mustard-seed movement is growing.


  1. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone; you need to seek a new comfort zone.
  2. Build life on the actions you are compelled to take.
  3. When a spark hits you to do more, and give back, do it.

Scott doesn’t know fear. He knows action and invites you to do the same.

Founder of the Lifestyle Brand, LIVETHEFUEL, Scott Mulvaney escaped the corporate life drag in 2009. As an employee turned firefighter, turned entrepreneur and podcaster, Scott channels his health nut, adrenaline junkie energy into everything he influences. He often thanks his transformative two years serving as a former Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service.  Scott’s high energy passions can be heard on the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast Show, where “We FUEL Your Health, Business, and Lifestyle”!

Work with Scott to FUEL your Sales, Marketing, and-or Branding strategy. Coaching, Consulting, Strategy, and Execution solutions are available to help you “Control How You Exist Online.”

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