V  said enough is enough when it came to veterans’ pain. As a vet herself, she put her education to work and to solve her own pain through the use of CBD and terpenes.

Since she started to resolve her ills, she went on to do what she does, combine her love of cooking (you have to check out her recipes–edible and regular) and the products that help her live her life with reduced pain. 

Your three takeaways for this week’s episode:

  1. You can heal your pain from the inside out through the use of CBD and terpenes–ingesting one and using the other topically. 
  2. There are many strains of CBD and cannabis that can be specially formulated for your type of pain and condition.
  3. Be open to combining pharmaceuticals with CBD and terpenes to see if it best affects your pain. The truth is always somewhere in the middle.

Do you know what makes our world beautiful? What brings real change to our lives? It’s when people step up and see a way to make an improvement. V Edwards has done just that. Spurred on by her need to eradicate pain in her life, she expanded her mission to include other people. And this is the most beautiful kind of helping you can do. To get in touch with her and learn more, check out her site at https://www.cannavihemp.com.

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