Patrick Pitts was clipping along just fine in his life working as a mortgage loan officer when he received a surprise diagnosis that upended his existence. A spark came alive in him to spread his mission for love born of the baptism of fighting for your life.

This is what Patrick discovered about himself and what we talked about on the show:

  1. He is grateful for the wake-up call he needed.
  2. Life has a totally different meaning and it doesn’t revolve around work.
  3. Sharing his story has helped people receive earlier diagnoses.

And what we can all learn from him?

We are much stronger than we think!

Patrick Pitts is a husband and father of 2 beautiful children. He is a mortgage lender by profession and a cancer survivor who has a positive attitude and absolute passion to make a difference with people. Hopefully his story will show you what you can overcome to be the best version of yourself.

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