Bryce Vance has admittedly made things hard for himself. He talks about that and his soon-to-be-released book in this week’s episode. His overcoming self-sabotage is tied to a remarkable idea (paying it forward)


  1. If you don’t come out of the light, you will never know how powerful you are.
  2. When you become who you are meant to be, it surpasses who you dreamed of being.
  3. Nothing can grow in darkness.

If you are truly comfortable living in survival mode you will find that self-sabotage is a very frequent partner for you throughout your life. It may be a partner that you don’t want anything to do with but it is still there. To talk to Bryce about this and what he did to break out of it please email Bryce at

Bryce Vance is the CEO and Founder of Funnel Driven LLC/Chimera Developments/The Inbound Secret and Social Media Chimera Marketing as well as several SAAS programs and an Up and Coming Peer to Peer company. He is the up and coming Author of his first book: Title pending: That is designed to not only change the minds of thousands of individuals worldwide but change the world and help people get away from the mundanity they are used to and start living life with Purpose. He comes from a normal family and a dark past and has since been able to become the architect of his own life and unlock a superpower: This superpower is simply described as living with purpose outside of himself and helping people help people really does change the world!

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