Stephanie Feger is the mother of a movement. She is a mentor simply for how she frames each and every day of her life. Listen to learn how you can make everyday miracles in your life.

As Stephanie puts it: True success and fulfillment lie much deeper than any label she could be defined as.”


  1. Make a huge difference in your life through reflection. All of us can turn on this self-aware superpower. This is the episode for you if you aren’t feeling empowered and need a boost.
  2. Stephanie learned no one can steal your education, thought process or experiences. Remember this when you look at life at face value. Sink into the lessons and what your life is trying to teach you. Are you resisting the beauty bestowed on you?
  3. You can become addicted to positivity and the power of perspective. You can come out of the negative zone when you make this a regular practice. “We don’t always get to control when things are beautiful, but we can control how we look at it.”


It is remarkable to come from adversity and into abundance and often, we talk about this on a grand scale, but we need to find gratitude for our day-dazzling moments.

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