A career in the Marines taught Adam Johnson how to muscle through his greatest challenge of all: unabating chronic illness.

Adam Johnson, a marvel in the entrepreneurial world is a Marine, a father of twin boys, and since 2012, he’s been a managing partner of Husky Tiger Studios, a multifaceted art studio based in Texas specializing in animation, film, book covers and lots more creative cool stuff.

Tune in to Sick Biz Buzz’s first episode to learn how Adam applied an intense belief in himself to co-managing an entrepreneurship.

His five takeaways:

1. Know Your “Why.”

When you can retrace your actions to the true meaning of your life, you make different decisions. Adam shares how what he does every day is driven by his twin boys. Understanding your “why” can alter the entire course of your life and when you listen to our first episode you’ll learn all about what that kind of mindset entails. Adam says, “This was a big part of me being productive, finding a way even when people said I couldn’t.” Take a moment and figure out your why. Then check to see if your to-dos will change.

2. Challenges and Tragedies Are the Catalysts for Change.

An early tragedy could have completely rerouted Adam’s life. Instead, he looked to extract the lessons from his pain and decided his attitude needed adjustment. Are you wasting time on making decisions that you know you shouldn’t be because you are bogged down in misery? Take a page from Adam’s book and step back to realize we will all have challenges and sorrows, but you can keep moving ahead. He’s got a lot to say on this subject in this episode. Let him inspire you to overcome!

3. Find Balance and Know Your Limits.

Understanding what you can do and how much to juggle on a daily basis is a MUST for chronically ill and disabled entrepreneurs. Now, even in the midst of what can sometimes be a 24-hour operation, Adam makes sure that he finds time for a nap. How hard do you push yourself? In this episode, you’ll learn all about the importance of not just defending your right to rest, but how having an accountability buddy can greatly stabilize your health.

4. Adapt, Improvise and Overcome.

This was drilled into Adam’s head as a Marine, and he definitely lives by this credo having pivoted from managing military prison services to now working in a highly creative environment. “I’m not done.” Adam shares how he continues to find the drive to succeed. Motivation is one thing, but the ability to keep finding the energy and passion to keep going are another.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people.

Adam might have gotten hurt, but that does not mean he is less or broken or different, and the people he surrounds himself personally and professionally know that too. “Don’t be afraid to pull the plug on toxic people. The only explanation you owe anybody is yourself.” Do you know how to shore up your boundaries to ensure only positive energy infiltrates your life? We’re talking about it on Sick Biz Buzz’s very first episode.

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