After learning the basics of transcendental meditation during his first show, Tod Holland dives deeper into getting you started on your own mindset journey.

What he teaches you on this episode of Sick Biz Buzz is what you can use on day one of trying transcendental meditation.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. There are so many different ways to get to your ocean of consciousness and bliss. Transcendental meditation is one fluid manner in which you can get there. It is vital that you learn how to clear your head, regardless of the meditation style you use.
  2. There are no hard fast rules to TM. The challenge is to do nothing at all and to flow with your consciousness. This is easier and less labor intensive to embark on. If you are afraid of the silence and use activities to distract yourself, music is a tool that can take you into the heart of your consciousness.
  3. You are not getting rid of your stressors, but TM allows you to expand your consciousness. At its base, you are learning discipline of your consciousness. You want to absorb yourself into the source of human creativity, even the good, bad and the ugly. Each time you move further into consciousness, you leave your baser struggles behind.

Reduce your stress. Increase creativity. This is the root of where all ideas are born. Ideas start with epiphanies! When you meditate, you open yourself to receiving inspiration.

In short: especially if you are running a business and you are looking for a conduit to lead you to innovation and discoveries, transcendental meditation draws you into that stream.

If you are struggling with anger, confidence, anxiety, depression, whatever mindset setting is ailing you—even if you just feel off, but can’t identify your challenge—transcendental meditation can help you gain perspective as you move through and then away from those challenges. TM is so magical that even as you change, you might not even realize it. But other people around you will.

To find your TM mantra, head to Here, you can select what makes the most senbased on your age and other criteria.

Here’s a link to the movie, What About Bob that Tod and I talk about. It’s literally a free, full-length movie just for you! Take a vacation from your problems!


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