After enduring an unspeakable tragedy that could easily have torn him apart, soap star and incredible author, Thom Bierdz chose to forgive.

Listen and learn about how forgiving means freedom from your self-imposed prison. When you are living with a chronic illness or disability it is vital to release any weight holding you down.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. Being open to forgiveness is life-changing. It can be what you have been craving in your life…to feel more appreciation, gratitude, and love.
  2.  Being in charge of you and your reactions is so much easier than carrying the burden of other people’s actions and words. When you forgive it doesn’t mean you are condoning past hurts, or that you are not supposed to feel angry. Forgiving is a compartmentalizing skill.
  3. We may assume that we know the truth behind the choices people make, but we won’t understand the facts until we speak to people and open up to them. Sometimes forgiving a person is the greatest gift that we can give them.

Thom encourages you to think about your attitude and approach to life in terms of “what is productive.” Forgiving takes you from victim to victor and it returns the control of your emotions to you. This also unblocks abundance. You cannot welcome opportunities when you are mired in unproductive feelings.

This article only scratches the surface. Make sure you listen to the whole episode to learn more about handling emotions and even how to approach the task of forgiving…when you have no idea where to start.

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