Find out why Andrew Walton is called Mr. Conversion.

The Creator of the 27x Method, Andrew Walton has worked with and written for some of the fiercest minds in the entrepreneurial world! He has helped global experts and premium service providers while charging more and working less. You can definitely apply how he is conducting his business to your entrepreneurship.

Listen up to hear all about his learning lessons and how he has applied every experience to his growth strategy.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. How do you schedule your day? Are you working when you feel you are most effective and energetic? Those of us with health challenges need to exercise the privilege of working from home whenever we can. Use your flexible hours to serve you!
  2. Andrew has switched his focus to better serve himself and his clients. If you feel you need a change in your life, then you won’t want to miss Andrew talking about his journey and how he made the switch.
  3. Why self-awareness is paramount to understanding how you are participating in your business and life. Knowing this permits you to make changes that you need to unblock success, and enables you to look at goal-reaching in a more logistical manner.

Listening to this week’s episode can help you with your networking and service development! It might be the game-changer you have been needing to hear!

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