In this episode, our fearless host Hilary J. won’t shut up about self-publishing books!

You can head up your own publishing company, or you can become an editor and take advantage of the huge amount of ISBNs that are registered each year. Listen to learn about how you can fill this niche.

There is nothing that is more fulfilling than helping a first-time author reach their goals!

Books are to business in the millennium what business cards were to professionals 20 years ago.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. Books are a piece of collateral you can invest in that will pay you back. You can help people leverage their work of word art and grow their business.
  2. Books that have an editor read better—and this is coming from a publisher quoted on this week’s episode!
  3. Writing has taken on a different form, allowing you to help your author (or yourself) to complete the manuscript quickly!

Listen to these top 10 tips to help you help your authors share their stories and experiences with the world!

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