Today’s podcast episode is part two of the little-known secrets of healing trauma. And we’re talking about addressing it in such a way that you can live with it without it taking over your life and allowing self-sabotage or full-on destruction. You can be a survivor while you also go on to live a very successful life on your terms. And that’s the key. Trauma can feel as though we participate in it involuntarily and that we don’t have a choice but to feel pain. And while the pain will be there and can’t ever go away, the intensity of that pain is in our control.

Takeaways: the recap of the first trauma secrets

  1. It’s about understanding the decisions you made based on limited information.
  2. Be relentless when changing your behavior.
  3. Refuse codependency…even if it means you are temporarily refusing how you think you need to receive validation and love.
  4. You must trust again.
  5. It’s okay to take a risk to lose people when you stand up for yourself and demand change.
  6. Create your own closure. It is a gift you give yourself.
  7. Allow an open mind and heart. Even if trauma is all you have ever known, you need to believe that your life can get better. 

And here are three trauma secrets from this week’s episode:

  1. Practice self-love. Listen in to learn that when it comes to combatting trauma, self-love means different things.
  2. Work on being as comfortable in stable situations as you are in times of strife.
  3. Change your circle of family and friends who perpetuate old and new drama.

Humans are so resilient. But we have to turn on that resiliency. People who manage their trauma well have in common that they choose to make certain decisions. At some point, their desire for moving on in  a healthy manner superseded anything else in their life. They wanted it so bad because they were so tired of the draining and intense emotions that they stopped at nothing to make massive leaps in their recovery. 

Everything Hilary shared today is tried and true. These are tactics she has used after attending years of therapy and flirting with all kinds of rock bottoms, from multiple divorces to being homeless, ostracized, abandoned, to running away, to surviving an eating disorder and all kinds of abuse. As well as her circus of diseases. It was all designed to tear Hilary apart. Instead, it simply made her better. Remember, so many people are waiting to love you exactly as you are. Let this episode be a reminder of that!

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