Cody Jefferson of Embrace the Lion is the first lion in the Sick Biz Buzz studio!

He will tell you what it means to be a lion and how to get off your but–your B-U-T.

Pour another cuppa and get ready to discover your truth as Cody shares his. You can use your pain as a catalyst to push you forward into your power.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. Every human experience is a gift. Pain is the most powerful teacher. It is the one emotion that unless you numb it, you cannot escape. You must confront pain if you want to move forward.
  2. Reframe victimization into ownership. If you want a different outcome, change your response to become the hero in your story. Self-actualization is an incredible tool to carry in your toolbox and it reinforces your confidence. We can also find a common bond in being heroes together.
  3. Are you using pain as an affirmation to seek attention? Does it feel good and comfortable and are you unsure about how to change this reality? Hilary gets real about how she fell into this trap and mistook negative attention for love. So, you are not alone! There is hope on the other side of reaching for attention. If you stop receiving negative attention, you will receive positive attention. No one will forget about you. That’s a promise! <3

Perspective is a mindset mover and shaker…when we allow it. Cody has a four-pronged approach to addressing challenges and thriving in life: Head, Heart, Health Habits. Yes, even if you are sick or disabled, you can THRIVE in life. You can even appreciate where you are in your journey right now. <3

Talk about going deep…this man and former pastor is fathomless! You can defy odds every single day. You can’t quantify your potential when your mindset informs everything.

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