Joey Yak Pieper defies being put into a box as he puts his signature spin and spark on every media element he touches. Now, working with some of the biggest names in our industry, Joey makes massive brands more memorable.

Think you know what YAK stands for? Think again and listen to Joey’s explanation of why he changed his name to reflect his life.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points

  1. Is your content whack? Joey created the Hip-Hop Bible to help himself better learn the Bible. It’s what he does, to help himself others absorb knowledge. This flows into the business that he runs today, helping people like Brad Lea, and Billy Gene to define their brands even further through his rap-marketing.
  2. Having grown up engaging in epic rap battles with his father, Joey came naturally to the world of music and pitched himself to the legendary names in the rap business. Right as his career was taking off, he changed direction to suit what was in his heart and soul and now his path has led to everyday business bliss.
  3. Adversity became a part of his life and he rejected it to carve out a fresh niche in the business and entrepreneur sector. He couldn’t deny his passion that had the potential to absolutely destroy him and it wasn’t until he channeled his energy and focus that he discovered his true self.

Blind perspective means you are “chasing the devil.” And Joey wants you to know: “The hardest prison to escape is your own mind.” Also, “If you can’t be happy in the now, you’ll never be happy.” Joey advocates that you must find peace within yourself before you know what you want to do.

Make sure you don’t miss our cringe-worthy epic rap battle of our own. Spoiler alert: Joey killed it!

He leaves you with this thought: “Every obstacle was created to make it an opportunity.” What are you doing with your obstacles?

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