The bestselling author of Girl Get Your Shit Together: Control Your Money, Live Purposefully, Love Your Life #adulting your wayLisa Chastain compels you to answer honestly if you are a financial liar.

Don’t miss this episode if you have no money strategy, or if your cash flow resembles peaks and valleys rather than a straight line. As seen in The O Magazine, Fortune and Entrepreneur, Lisa shares how to put your money to work for your life…starting today!

Sick Biz Buzz Bullets Points

  1. Are you regarding your money from a place of discomfort? Are you too afraid of what you’ve been doing wrong? “Making the money is not the problem, [we] don’t speak money language.” The number one reason you don’t handle your money matters is that it’s challenging, and “too big and too scary.”
  2. How do we get over the “shame” of asking for help? The financial industry makes it hard to raise our hands. She helps people to dispel the myth that they need money to get help and to invest. If we don’t have the money to invest, then how do we get the help we need? Lisa has the answers that will pull you out of the cycle of denial.
  3. We want to appear successful, but what does our money truth say about us? Are we really as successful as we think we are if we have so many debts? Working with someone who understands you and comes from the same energy as you, someone who agrees with your goals and who is excited to see you reach them, is a money game-changer.


The truth is that you can have all kinds of debt, but still be successful as long as you have a financial plan that allows you to live your life and run your business. “There is zero perspective in our heads.” Lisa brings that perspective. When she looks at your finances, she is unattached to the money decisions you are wrestling with. An unofficial money therapist, Lisa helps people to better understand their situations, to live well (and reasonably) and to face their money fears to keep their businesses running.

Take back control of your money today.

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