Jason Lucchesi is helping people to love their lives through every action he takes in his work and personal life.

Amidst lots of laughs, Jason shares how he lost everything he built, then regained it and more while maintaining his mission to help people understand their own greatness.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points

  1. You don’t need a traditional academic course if you have the passion to shape your life into what you want it to be. Jason didn’t feel he fit into the mold of the educational system. He refused to be limited in what other people, even teachers, said he could do. Just as we refuse to be defined by “limitations,” at Sick Biz, Jason adapted his life to match his dreams. Even though, Jason said, “No one wanted to hire the guy without the college degree,” he didn’t let that stop him.
  2. Jason runs two companies, a house-flipping company, called Jason Lucchesi  (that any entrepreneur or remote worker can learn and profit from) that allows him to teach people how to make money in real estate, and another non-profit, No Flipping Excuses that remodels houses for people with a disability. They even give away houses to ensure that people can enjoy an accessible life. “[People] don’t have the means to do the transitions.” And it’s true. Upgrading your house to an accessible status is costly. Jason and his company fund those necessary and life-saving remodels.
  3. Being around toxic people is not beneficial in any area of your life. “You can build your mind back up,” Jason notes, but it’s harder to do that after you have lost your confidence. Loving and distancing yourself from people are two different things.
  4. Geeking out on Harry Potter! Which house would the Sorting Hat put you in?


“Everything is always changing and if you don’t evolve along with those changes you will probably get lost in the mix.” Jason takes the time to continually learn and educate himself on what is changing in his industry and if he wants to learn about a new topic, he carves out the time to do it. Sometimes, he just needs an extra 30-60 minutes. You can do the same thing. It’s all about prioritizing!

Sal Vulcano, hopefully, you heard this show as well 🙂 Jason gave you a serious shout out!

Contact Jason Lucchesi at JasonLucchesi.com

Get his books Right Flipping Now and Find the Flipping Deals,  here.

Talk to Jason about his non-profit helping disabled people: noflippingexcuses.com


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