Ryan Chapman refused to accept what others decreed to be his truth, and now, he is a bestselling author determined to live his Happy Ending.

A writer first and a mortgage expert second, he is a father teaching his daughters how to write a book and that anything possible is within their grasp! He has worked tirelessly for decades on finding and leveraging his strength. And he wants you to know you can discover your own brand of success, too.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. An advocate for teaching kids and people how to learn differently, Ryan was diagnosed with ADHD and he has needed to find the best way to work and stay on task. We should even throw the term “Learning Disability” out because it is damaging and assumes this is a detriment when it might indicate that a person learns in a way not designated as mainstream. But even if it doesn’t, Ryan reminds us there are so many ways to take in information.
  2. Motion creates emotion. Ryan loves to walk and be active when he is on the phone or working with clients. He finds it easier to use up his physical energy since it helps him to better concentrate. You can even use a voice recorder and get some of your work done, especially when you’re writing a book.
  3. Remember your talents, aptitudes, and superpowers and don’t count yourself out even if you receive a diagnosis. You can always take imperfect action. And that forward momentum will get you closer to your goal. Even if you believe that you cannot accomplish what you dream of doing, with consistent mindset work, you can actually reverse your self-beliefs!


Tap into your resilience and take back control of your life. Ryan is a great role model to help you get started. This is the podcast for you if your self-esteem is flagging or if you are struggling with putting your learning challenges into perspective.


Contact Ryan Chapman at: ryan@sotarkmarketing.com

Read his bestselling book: The Happy Ending


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