Follow Ryan Stewman’s advice and win. It is literally that easy. This podcast is for those who aren’t afraid to do the work.

You will beat the odds when you just keep going…you will rise to the top. It’s mathematics.

Ryan’s insane confidence comes from the fact that most people aren’t willing to do whatever it takes. Fall into step with him and you will learn all about how powerful and resilient you really are. Also, get ready to laugh your A off! Because there are hysterics afoot!

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. If you can remove limitations on your body, you can remove limitations on your mind. And this applies no matter what physical condition you are in. Do your best with your body every day and you will naturally push your boundaries in your business. Try and test what you can do differently. Shoot for one percent improvement every day (14 minutes daily doing something new and harder!), and imagine where you will be in a year.
  2. Now sober, Ryan is still funny as hell and can’t wait to help people tackle their challenges and celebrate their victories. He talks about how he realizes it was time to stop using and how his life and business have changed as a result. If you are struggling with addiction, Ryan’s decision to get sober will speak to you about living free from drugs or whatever else is wearing on you.
  3. Why Ryan would rather be paid than popular. He had his shot at being on a TV show and TURNED it DOWN. Listen in and learn what happened and how his decision shaped the path of the next years of his life. When you are aiming to endure in business remember that striving for popularity and followers without providing any substance is a shallow strategy to put into place. Is it even a strategy? Ask yourself if you are an entrepreneur cannibal. Ryan explains.

After listening to Ryan, you will want to work only in the areas where you have experience! And you won’t even question your own qualifications.

As usual, Stewman brings the fire. Get revved up on this week’s episode of Sick Biz Buzz!

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