Host of the Princess Power Hour, Nedalee Thomas is podcast royalty. Her show is dedicated to tapping into all aspects of your life (especially, if you are a princess)…

Listen in to learn how to live large without spending big bucks and improve your relationships. This means all relationships in your life including the relationship that you have with yourself. Nedalee has answered her calling to use what she has been through to help you out of the dark!

Nedalee is triumphing as a resplendent princess and you can triumph as well! It’s okay to stare your darkness in the face and then turn toward the light and stride out. There are many people on similar paths as you…and we can all be there for each other! We can all validate each other through our shared experiences and this mother of 19… (Yes, you read that right!) is thrilled to take your hand and teach you how to be an observer to apply the lessons you note to help you improve your life.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. We need to recognize the light in other people because sometimes we put more value on our journey than others. We can work on recognizing their journey as being paramount to ours and honor it as contributing to improving and progressing the total human experience.
  2. Can we refuse negative energy? Nedalee is receptive and wide open to the healing her body needs and setting the ground rules for what she will allow in a most amazing way! When you hear the story of her latest news, you will want to follow her today and in the future!
  3. What you need in your work/life dynamic is personal and you don’t have to follow anyone else’s plan. You can be a parent who runs a business from home. You can be a stay-at-home parent and then start your business. You can work PT, or with a company that supports you in working remotely.

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