Learn why Adam Lyons is a lion-hearted soul 🙂

A hard-scrabble climber, he’s built a company whose mantra he lives, Adam is a Psychology Hacker. His claim to fame comes after earning the title of “The Number One Dating Coach in the World,” which involved him traveling the globe to help men and women achieve their hearts’ dreams.

He claims he is a regular person, but we highly doubt this is the case. Adam is a professional communicator whose style and unabashed honesty you will just adore. He encourages you to apply what he relies on in his life so you can live your most coveted life as well.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. We are aware of psychology and how it works, but a gray area makes it hard to use psychology to your advantage. Adam talks about the proven psychological principles in his Psychology Hacker company and lays out the steps that you can take which become the cause to reach the effect you want. Listen to learn how to solve the desire to procrastinate. Here’s a hint: “It’s very rare that someone will procrastinate doing something they love,” Adam confides. Here’s another hint: Your guilt is a pry bar.
  2. You can burn your willpower out and the more willpower you need, the more you eat bad foods! There is a scientific connection between binging on junk and willpower? This is like discovering the holy nutritional grail! Adam could single-handedly revolutionize the diet industry! You have not been exposed to the little-known facts about your performance that Adam is sharing on this episode of Sick Biz Buzz. But you can be, with just a little click.
  3. Love is not an emotion. Don’t believe this assertion? That you can take control of your feelings? When you know the truth, you can make controlled decisions that will allow you to manage your relationships for the long-term. And when you do this…it also helps your business performance!

Your business is like a car. It cannot love you back. Knowing this can help you prioritize everything in your life! It can even assist you in reaching your highest and best-clarified optimal performance level…the level you have been striving to hit for as long as you can remember.

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His new book Brain Hacking will rock your brain to its core! Read it here.

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