Sick Biz Board member, author and co-executive producer of Think and Grow Rich, the Legacy, and co-founder, owner of multiple businesses including his own brand, James Whittaker is our illustrious guest today!

Listen in as we destigmatize normalcy, find out what the catalyst is for the publishing of his book and movie and how to take your desires from idea to implementation by winning the day!

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  1. Rubbing elbows with some of the world’s most influential and successful entrepreneurs gave James a peek into the minds of the industry superstars. He says it was “…surreal, but like a one-on-one coaching opportunity.” James took it very seriously as he embarked on his mission to extract the X Factor of achievement from incredible human beings.
  2. How humans can turn from garden-variety people to absolute machines when they have the mindset and determination. Learn about Janine Shepherd’s unconquerable attitude and zest for life that she harnessed to move from being trapped in a broken body after a catastrophic accident to soaring in the clouds (literally!) We can take lessons from Janine in rising up from rock bottom. Despite our circumstances, we can still choose to live. This is the reason Sick Biz exists, to help support you as you resuscitate your life from trauma and tragedy.
  3. How James speed-soul-walked into becoming the Chief Strategy Officer of Sick Biz and why he didn’t hesitate to help our community. Meeting people who need the greatest support and to be a part of their astounding stories fills him up every day. He knows what is important in his existence, and it is helping and answering the call to serve.

Jim Stovall, Rob Dyrdek, Barbara Corcoran, James has met people who have taught him “what is possible if we elevate our thinking. It’s about finding the gifts in every situation.” And these are gifts to be shared with everyone. They are not just your gifts.

Our pain is meant to be shared as well to bring us closer together. A mental fortitude is within all of us. We can invest in ourselves, as James says. “Change the loop around your head to say, ‘I deeply love and accept myself.’”


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