Sarah Fader is an accomplished writer and author of the Stigma Fighters anthology and the founder of Stigma Fighters, an organization dedicated to shattering mental health stigmas. She is also a head writer at BetterHelp.

Lots of hysterical banter on this episode! Sarah Fader and I had an immediate love connection in LIFE. She is one of the realest people you will ever meet and you will adore her, too! And her explanation of why the treatment plan is more important than the diagnosis is absolute GOLD! Listen to this episode of Sick Biz Buzz to learn her mental health hacks that can significantly help you.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points:

  1. The advantages of online therapy for people who find it hard to be out of the house for any number of reasons. This is an advancement in the field of mental health that if it can help you, you should take advantage of it. You are in a safe place to talk about scary subjects when you are home alone talking to a professional.
  2. Announce your fears. When you say them out loud and when you even state the lies you tell yourself verbally, you can hear how untrue it is. Flooding is an exercise that is especially used with OCD, where you pour out everything that you are thinking, all your self-doubts and everything that will hold you back. This is called exposure and when you expose yourself to your unpleasant thought, then you know it’s not true.
  3. Sharing your story is about bravery and helping other people through your story. Your pain can be the catalyst for another person’s healing. Sharing our stories can help to link people more closely.

The more that you talk to people, the more you will feel less isolated as you learn you are not alone. This is why she is so driven to destigmatize mental illness, and thankfully, she is making huge strides for all of us! She even has a workbook to help people with depression manage their condition. You can access The 10-Step Depression Relief Workbook.

As an added bonus tune in to hear about why Kirk Cameron is awful, why Love Connection needs to come back and why Jelly Bellys are LIFE!

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