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You’ve landed on the sickest resource page specifically written and offered to the most awesome entrepreneur community on the planet! Sick Biz self-starters, we’ve gathered every ounce of support spanning from financial funding links and job search opportunities to the sharing of our newly appointed mental health wellness partner. Need training to sharpen up your sales skills? Got it. How about a little boost for your bottom line? Then make sure you enter for a chance to win Sick Biz’s Quarterly Grant! And if you’re feeling less than flush with cash, schedule a free money consultation with an industry expert today.

1. Virtual Assistant Clinic Job Board

One of the largest VA job boards on Facebook is now available to you for free for 30 days and after that is offered at a 50% off LIFELONG subscription. Entrepreneurs just like you are using this affordable board to run their business profitably every day. Link:

2. “Power Discover Session” with Armando Cruz

Armando Cruz will help you gain clarity around your biggest obstacles or challenges so you can take the most powerful next step to overcome. Link:

3.Worth Living Mental Health Partner and Referral

Worth Living Mental Health. Taking care of your mental health is especially critical for people who are chronically and disabled. If you need help, or just want to talk, don’t hesitate to reach out. Link:

4. Lisa Chastain

Millennial Money Coach featured in,,, TheStreet, Blog Talk Radio, Sick Biz Buzz and more! Now, she is here, ready to work with our community. Click the link to schedule your free 15-minute financial consultation call with Lisa today! Link:

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