Hilary goes solo this week and talks about the importance of recruiting a village to help you live your best life personally and professionally. 

Very few people achieve success completely on their own, and for chronically ill or disabled entrepreneurs, a reliable village is crucial. Building and being part of a village that you actively participate in and lean on can help you grow leaps and bounds in every area of life! 

In this episode, Hilary discusses: 

  • Why recruiting a village is easier than ever & the roles of people in our lives 
  • The importance of tapping into the energy of people around us
  • How trauma can make us unsure and/or unable to make decisions 
  • Why indecisiveness is a common symptom of anxiety and depression 
  • The give & take having a village requires and joy & delight it brings

Hilary also shares the importance of being proactive or reactive within our village as well as surrounding ourselves with people who have had or are experiencing similar things. 

Villages are often built upon common pain, common struggles, and common triumphs; they require self-awareness, compassion, and understanding.

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