Getting through the day with a sense of humor is paramount to overcoming self-defeatist mindsets.

Humor will:

  1. Force you to rise up out of any emotion that might be holding you down.
  2. Lead to better moments throughout your day by allowing you to live in positivity.
  3. Connect you with other people (especially, if you have a weird sense of what’s funny!)
  4. Bridge that positivity into feeling your own value. Into better accepting some of the tougher realities on an ongoing, longer-term basis.
  5. Allow you to appreciate the little things in your life! You are allowed to sink fully into savoring the sun on your shoulders, the random time of day you can choose to work, and a multitude of other blessings. Your condition, while grueling at times, doesn’t mean you will never feel grateful and joyful again. You will. I promise.

Now, tune in and chuckle! xoxo


Video Credit: YouTube/Hilary Jastram