Mia Voss aka “The Accidental Entrepreneur” is a human ray of sunshine who has a unique handle on life. Her company, Mia on the Go represents women over 40 going on kickass travel adventures. (Spoiler alert: you’ll learn how to adapt your travel and what kind of travel works in the apocalypse.) Mia is a travel blogger, life lover, brand ambassador, spokesperson, social storyteller, burgeoning podcaster of Shit We Don’t Talk About, and she speaks with a focus on female buying power. She has also kicked anxiety to the curb and is a veteran of walking into her triggers.


  1. Why you need to pivot in a pandemic–and where you should put your efforts. What is your business ripe for doing right now?
  2. What the hell an ambivert is. Q: Are you one?
  3. How to confront your anxiety and do the opposite of what your fear wants you to do.

Mia Voss is the proof that you are the architect of your life. That you hold the blueprints and can reinvent yourself as many times as you desire. There is a niche out there for you. Your people are out there. The ones who want to hear your story and will even look up to you are waiting for you. We all have the responsibility to follow our passions. Mis doing just that. Check her out on Facebook at “Mia Voss on the Go.” 

Mia Voss is a super opinionated lifestyle blogger and activist, brand ambassador, speaker and entrepreneur. Her main superpowers? Storytelling & people connecting. And drinking wine. 

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