Matthew Wright on proof-based body science is life-changing for people afflicted by chronic illness. Listen and blow your own mind!

As a child who suffered from severe food allergies which triggered behavioral probs, Matthew embarked on a lifelong journey to understand how to achieve better health. Now, he’s devoted to helping people help themselves.

  1. Are you emotionally prepared to heal? Have you done the mindset work to get better? “Who are you if you are not sick—if this is what you know?” We are often not prepared to receive a diagnosis, but we do have the ability to do the work to accept the gift of hope of a healthier life. We have to recognize that any major change in life brings with it the process of grieving…even getting better.
  2. Gluten might not be the problem; another problem in wheat looms. Matt explains how there are many issues with wheat and gluten is just one factor. Are you mistakenly self-diagnosing? This episode will help you better understand the truths about your health.
  3. As a root-cause health analyst, he analyzes health reports and lab results. Once again (and no surprise), it’s tied to our poop! What you eat, your stress levels, how much you are sleeping, your level of happiness, and more influence your body’s entire system and what comes out is telling. But Matt also shares why traditional tests don’t work!


Matt takes your story, how you feel before you eat a specific food, for example, or expose your body to a new stimulant, and he finds the truth hiding in the symptoms.

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