Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area copywriter, journalist and blogger, marketer, and contributor to HuffPost Parents, the Chicago Sun-Times, and numerous other websites and publications. He is also the author of Write Right – Sell Now and his most recent book, The Virus and Us: A Letter from Father to Son in the Midst of the Pandemic.

We chatted about how a ton of parents are juggling the seismic shift of moving from FT on-campus school to either homeschooling entirely or partial in-class schooling and online learning. As an entrepreneur, Matt has run his business for years while dealing with rheumatoid arthritis–so he is s Sick Bizzer as well. As he juggles having a kiddo at home, he has changed his agenda, priorities, and how he manages his day-to-day business. The other really cool thing about Matt is that he is donating half of his royalties on his book, The Virus and Us to the Northwestern Medicine Covid-19 Relief Fund a Chicago-area health system.


  1. These crazy times are indeed bringing us closer together, no matter what that means to different people in different situations.
  2. Never turn down an opportunity to have a Nerf gun fight right before lunch–you may not get it again!
  3. Adjusting your schedule is necessary right now. You can find pockets of time in your day to accomplish what you want to even if that means getting up earlier, or going to bed later. Being flexible just might save you and your business!

Matt Brennan has taken this time to examine his life and give back to his family and himself. He has done what many of us find comfort in, finding the gift in this new, weird, ever-changing reality.

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