Hilary Jastram (Founder & Creator of Sick Biz Buzz) hosts solo this week and speaks to listeners about knowing when it’s time for a rest.

Whether you’re chronically ill or battling a simple cold, Hilary provides tips & techniques to help decipher your needs for rest and how to best meet them:

  • The one crucial question you need to ask for getting the rest you need
  • Why it’s okay to be sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • What to do first when you think it’s time for a rest
  • How to accept that needing to rest does not make you less

Hilary closes the podcast by reminding listeners that we decide to rest or not; “you can lose hours, days or weeks [in the absence of rest] but the decision is yours”.

*This week is the 100th Episode of Sick Biz Buzz for which we are grateful. This podcast would not be possible without you, our loyal listeners, and J. Hill Marketing. We hope you find the podcast a hopeful and inspiring tool to help you turn your pain into purpose.

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