Hilary began SickBiz so fellow entrepreneurs do not have to endure what she did upon diagnosis of chronic illness.

In the first Special Guest Episode of 2019, Hilary welcomes her dear friend and business partner, Kathryn Tague-DeHoyos who helps Hilary run SickBiz. Kathryn is a marketing extraordinaire, and mother of four (including twins) on a mission “to love people into empowerment and share the stories we all have within us.” She and Hilary have worked together building SickBiz into the one of kind non-profit business of advocacy it is today.

In this episode, Hilary and Kathryn share what is necessary for partnering with someone who is chronically ill: always having a Plan B with roles that are completely interchangeable at any time, hustling your way, and maintaining respectful flexibility without judgment.

Kathryn opens up about how her exceedingly difficult twin pregnancy (with two dislocated hips) increased her compassion and understanding for anyone facing chronic illness.

The women discuss how people with chronic illness (MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Depression/Anxiety) are becoming the majority in the United States necessitating the importance of flexible yet dependable business partners.

Kathryn states that chronic illness often requires “the rules to be completely taken off the table;” thus, accepting a business that runs differently than others. Hilary and Kathryn also discuss how they navigate a business climate wherein a perceived lack of work ethic can cause chronically ill business owners/partners to feel inadequate and undeserving of success.

The episode closes with these business partners sharing their experiences about what business looks like with a person who is chronically ill.

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