What happens when business owners receive multiple diagnoses? They focus on diagnoses and build their lives and business around it.

In this week’s episode, Hilary welcomes Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur, Kate Colbert, to discuss how she runs her marketing company, Silver Tree Communications while also managing several serious chronic illnesses.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners can expand their businesses in spite of tremendous physical and emotional pain by increasing their networks, delegating responsibilities, and hiring more employees to manage new clients.
  • Chronically ill entrepreneurs need to know and trust their body, and should always be doing the necessary research to better navigate the process of disease diagnosis, treatment, and management.
  • Treat crucial medical appointments like a job interview: research the doctor, write a letter, list out your symptoms one by one, and so on. Kate emphasizes being willing to, “read stuff that wasn’t written for you, including peer-reviewed medical journals” when it comes to your diagnosis as well as do your homework about the timeline and severity of symptoms.
  • Kate says,”never lose sight of the fact that all those years of training and experience does not better qualify them [the doctors] to understand what you know from a lifetime of living inside your body”.

Hilary and Kate close out the episode with the reminder that, despite multiple diagnoses, every single person “is enough.”

To get in touch with Kate Colbert, you can connect with her on social media here:

Facebook: Silver Tree Communications

Website: http://www.silvertreecommunications.com/

Click here to purchase her best selling book, “Think Like a Marketer

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