The brand new author of Think Like a Marketer: How a Shift in Mindset Can Change Everything for Your Business, Kate Colbert knows marketing is the cornerstone of business growth. She is a woman, warrior and a whirlwind whose whole life has reflected her love of writing and literature.

A word wrangler, she has built her company Silver Tree Communications single-handedly and all while managing multiple chronic conditions.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Points

  1. It’s okay to be an accidental anything…even an accidental marketer as Kate has referred to herself. As long as you find your path, there is no wrong way to discover what you are meant to do.
  2. Coming back from a stroke taught Kate how powerful she is, and that no matter what she is facing, she can overcome it. She has realized the importance of standing up for herself to ensure that she can take care of her needs. She puts her clients first but also realizes that she can’t run herself or her team into the ground. Kate has to defend her time and self-care so she can work with minimal pain. Are you taking the same actions for yourself?
  3. “If you were in a house that had holes in the roof and it was raining at night and you were cold, you would fix the roof, or get the hell out. I think of work the same way.” You need to play by your own rules instead of someone else’s rules you don’t believe in. She advises when you do encounter difficult people to work with, that you try to figure out what’s wrong with the people criticizing you. Don’t focus on you. Because there is nothing wrong with you!


Kate wants you to be a little less harried and a lot happier! Listen in to this episode of Sick Biz Buzz to learn how she can help you find more peace and define stronger boundaries in your business and life (to your benefit)!

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