Jon Paramore was in his prime of life when Low T hit and presented with more unusual symptoms. Since then, and his subsequent treatment, he has become well-versed in talking to people about what they don’t know about Low T and how it can overtake your life.

Low T impacts people in the following ways, including:

1. Low T affects men and women! The symptoms present a little differently, but both men and women need treatment.

2. Low T can make it hard to pay attention and even make you exhausted. This is a little-known fact and one of the reasons Low T doesn’t get diagnosed as often as it should be.

3. There are a variety of ways that Low T can be treated. Jon shares what some of the most effective have been in his experience.

Don’t be afraid to talk about Low T. In fact, many men and women are affected. Finding out about different options is the first step toward feeling better!

To connect with Jon and learn more about your own options in treating Low T, reach out to him at

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