Joe Ryan has been on a lifelong journey of overcoming shame and the demons that plague him from his childhood. And now, he has turned his mission outward, helping other people to conquer their traumatic pasts.

It’s so admirable when people look beyond themselves. He shares some very insightful perceptions about recovery, what’s standing in your way and why you are so drawn to your fear. In this ridick pandemic age, Joe’s recovery slowed to a degree and with the lack of connectivity to other humans, he had to do more work to keep healing. So he also shares with you how you can keep going even in the face of COVID and so much more. Everything you hear today is designed to help you grow and at last rehab your soul.


  1. Identifying the enmeshed family shame pattern and how to tell if your family is affected
  2. What you can do to keep healing even in the face of a pandemic.
  3. The first step you can take when you are ready to heal from trauma.

Joe Ryan is paving the way for people to heal. He is baring his soul publicly simply to extend a hand to people who might feel stuck or frozen in their healing journeys. And there are coaches out there who strive to do the same, but what sets Joe apart is that his voice embodies such compassion and warmth. When you hear it, it gives you permission to feel whatever you need to feel to progress on your emotional journey. Don’t forget to add his podcast, It’s Not You; It’s Your Trauma to your podcast favorites. There, you will find the place you’re accepted, and no shame allowed! Listen in wherever podcasts are available.

Joe Ryan is a father of two who takes pictures and obsesses about the bright and dark in life. He is focused on getting emotionally and physically healthy as he writes managed WordPress code at You can find him bouncing around New York City or by a lakeside fire. Previously he was on a Pearl Jam kick and now, he starts his day with the Revivalists. Because music is food for the soul.

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