Jessica Weaver has found a niche that serves empowered women who want help in controlling their finances, in ensuring that they are using their money to live their best life.

The founder of the blog Not Your Father’s Advisor. Jessica Weaver burst onto the scene and became viral when she shook up the financial industry. She is also the author of the best-selling book Strong Woman, Stronger Assets.

Sick Biz Buzz Bullet Tips:

  1. She wrote her blog because she was tired of people not taking their money seriously. People were ready to hear her message about making this once-conservative subject playful and not as daunting. We need money in our lives. As Jessica says, “It is a tool to live your best life!”
  2. Entrepreneurs need to think about and plan for their retirement. The end goal is retirement even in entrepreneurship. It can feel like it’s harder to put a plan in place as a business owner, but you can make plans to take care of yourself, and Jessica shares how. We need to be ready for the changes in the economy as well.
  3. Women are also the caretakers and sometimes as mothers, daughters and the family steward, we have to make the arrangements to anticipate the fluctuations that may occur. Life will come at you, but we can avoid some of the self-duress when we take the time to plan for our future. Remember, retirement has changed and has become a phase of refinement.

“You can’t waste your time figuring it all out and you need to learn when to outsource. And in the end, it should make us more money.” Jessica, we could not agree more!

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