This week Hilary welcomes Boudoir Photographer and Sparkle Coach Jenny Taylor to the podcast. Based in Chicago, Jenny has been a photographer and coach for many years and works to empower women to face their most vulnerable selves by helping them process fearful emotions through pictures.

In this week’s episode Hilary & Jenny discuss:

  • The 5 Main Emotions and how they’re interconnected
  • Why we hold onto emotions that don’t serve us
  • How anger prevents us from sparkling
  • Why positive does not mean perfect
  • How to “fly over” your fears so you can be transformed

Hilary closes the podcast by reminding listeners that everyone has real pain but that everyone can overcome it by being vulnerable enough to face it. She also reminds listeners about the SickBiz App that’s now available wherever Apps are purchased.

To connect with Jenny, follow her on Instagram or visit her website.

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