Janell Marie had a dream that changed her life. In her dream, she connected colors to emotions and saw the picture that connected every human. She saw the unifying threads of who we are meant to be to help each other.

Beautifully Unbroken is nearly finished. It’s a polyamorous marriage of concepts. The concept of color and even being a living, breathing kaleidoscope that houses all those colors. Combine that with her Freedom Formula for breaking free of whatever has you stuck and you very nearly have the makings of a human manual.

Your three takeaways for this week’s episode:

  1. We are united through feelings.
  2. Making decisions is always more effective when you do it non-emotionally. Try Janell’s Freedom Formula and learn how quickly you can make even the most complex decisions.
  3. Always, always, always believe in yourself and your dreams and put them in motion!

In a world crying for some sort of unity and commonality, Janell Marie’s kaleidoscope concept is it. We are all people feeling these specific colors she has outlined in her new book Kaleidoscope, Beautifully Unbroken, available on Amazon on 7/20. You can pre-order it here: Kaleidoscope, Beautifully Unbroken.

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