Jamie Thurber walked naturally into the role of project management since she had been managing her illness for years.

Now she shares her expertise with other people in helping them to reach their biggest goals while handling their daily tasks that will get them where they want to be.

Sick Biz Bullet Points

  1. “I help people get shit done,” Jamie states since she has a knack for organization and time management. She takes all the details and makes them work while encouraging her clients to “still have a life.”
  2. Her objectives all revolve around empowering people to live a high-quality life. She will help you understand what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes, you might not even know you need this sort of assistance in your life, but after working with Jamie you will be able to accept the truth of your circumstances.
  3. Sharing your struggles and reality allows people to love you and for you to realize how much you are cared for. This can be a really special part of being ill or disabled — accepting other people’s affection and their desire to try and make your life better.

Do you need help getting clear on your life? Jamie is the one who can help you! She guides you with compassion and models the kind of life she wants to live as she is also brutally honest with herself. Make sure you also read her piece on Sick Biz about the time she became publicly ill on a business trip, how she allowed her defenses to crumble as she let people in and why it was one of the most memorable moments of her life.


Please contact Jamie at me@jamiethurber.com.


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