Jake Schaap has been through the living hell of agonizing chronic illness and forced to work for himself and find a way. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur, is free from his physical pain, and is turning his efforts toward helping our very special community.

He knows there is a way to make it all work: sickness, business, profitability, life, relationships, and so on. His tagline is: I help people with autoimmune create simple income solutions. Naturally, he is the perfect fit for Sick Biz.


  1. Memorize what Jake says about what chronically ill entrepreneurs don’t do that hurts their business.
  2. Jake shares the mistake in business he made for you–so you don’t have to make it! It might be something you’re doing today…so don’t miss this tip.
  3. The lessons that Jake learned every day from being sick.

Jake has the advantage of having worked with incredible debilitating pain–and what an advantage, huh? Now, being out of that pain and seeing through the lens of working with the most accomplished entrepreneurs out there, he is dedicated to helping you dissect your business and reassemble it so it is the most profitable model possible. To get in touch with Jake, please reach him at jakeschaap.com.


Jake Schaap is one of the rare few that can honestly say he used to be chronically ill. Having an autoimmune disease did leave a lasting impact on his life after illness. Jake uses his decade of experience in the entrepreneur world with a unique perspective and empathy for people with autoimmune diseases, to help them find the right fit for an online business plan.

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