This, a million times over. This, in work with people who claim to do the work. This, in long family history from people making snap judgments based in fear and ignorance. This, in expectations, in truth, in defending your right to live serenely, peacefully, lovingly. This. One thousand hundred million fucking eleventy billion times. THIS.

Never apologize for being yourself, defending your journey, sharing your honesty and saying no. Never apologize for walking away from ultimatums, judgment, unfounded gossip, martyrdom, or other vibes.

And when you do all of these things, living your life in the most robust truth, and other people can’t stand what it does to them…stand firm anyway. Love yourself anyway.

“You Will Be Too Much For Some People. Those Are Not Your People”

Your tribe will find you, as you are meant to find them. I grew my own family and my circle, while I may splash all over the place about memes and love and positivity and light, the people I am close to are very few. For a reason. I live with a handful—the Otter and my kids, and I chatter on with close friends who truly know me and who have known me for years.

If you are too much for your circle, for a few in your network, then move on and don’t wait for the magical stamp of fucking approval…not so magical anyway. Learn the benefits of detachment.

What you put out there you will get back. And those who put out BS and excuses…well, guess what they are going to receive? And the hell of it is…they will be surprised.

Born of adversity; developed from the marrow of pure grit…stand in your truth and learn what it really means to walk it, too.

Love deeply for a long damn time, and if you can’t handle yourself don’t involve anyone else into your insecurities; at least have the brass to walk away. At least take the time to examine your inner self and be accountable. At least be brave enough to own YOU.

We will all be forever redefining our circle…it is, apparently, one of the circles of life. I won’t be lion-fierce and tell you nothing hurts, but I will tell you this…you will never regret speaking your heart and the truth that brings you peace. In business. In life.

Be peaceful, be loving and uplifting. Your circle is circling. Better get ready.

#Lovefordays #smallcircleclub