This week, Hilary welcomes her Coach and Warrior/Survivor Holly Ockstadt. Holly contracted RSV followed by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that led to multiple seizures. The dual diagnosis came after years in the corporate world (which she loved) and made Holly realize she had neither the stamina or desire to hustle like she used to (and you don’t have to either!). Holly wisely spent her time in the hospital becoming a sales and click funnels expert which turned into a Click Funnels & Coaching Business she started with her husband, Chad. 

In this episode, Holly and Hilary discuss:

  • How your sickness is NOT your identity 
  • Giving your body the necessary time and space it needs to heal 
  • Doing your business your way (rest included!)
  • Instilling & maintaining proper boundaries with your body, your business and your life 
  • Why things are always working out for you even if it may not seem like it

Hilary and Holy close the podcast by making the case for the requirement of quiet time and building a business “you want rather than put up with.” 

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