Hilary hits the airwaves to discuss a few secrets about trauma. Trauma is her jam. She knows a thing or two about how to climb out of the trenches when every crab in there wants to pull you back down to live the phrase “misery loves company.” You can refuse to go there anymore, or be pigeonholed by any label. You can be who you want to be as well by simply proclaiming that in your mind.

Even if someone describes you as a victim, you still have the power to exist in two places: 1) acknowledging what happened as an action and 2) not being defined by it. It’s a tricky balance, so make sure that you tune in to find out exactly what Hilary means.

Three of the Seven Takeaways From This Week’s Episode:

  1. Moving on from trauma means working on trusting people. You need to keep the idea that people are good at the forefront of your mind while you refuse to let trauma steal that optimism from you. This doesn’t mean that you are reckless with your trust. You can go slow as you build trusting relationships again.
  2.  You create your own closure. It’s time to stop waiting for an event out of your control to determine if you will move on or not. You move on when you commit to doing so.
  3. Refuse codependency. This is the time to either sever or completely remodel the toxic relationships in your life. You get to decide how people will treat you. Don’t stand down when refusing mistreatment. Use your voice and be clear in what you want.

You can make the huge change in your life to live with trauma without letting it tear you aparteven if the trauma is all you have ever known in your life. It starts with your mindset and strengthening your resolve to have the existence you most want. And remember, mindset is a fickle thing. You need to work on reinforcing a positive frame of thought every day.

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