Hilary flies solo this week and shares her in-depth analysis, review, and experiences with Abundance. 

She shares what Abundance is and is not as well as how crucial it is to pay it forward. 

Abundance is NOT:

  • What happens when in a skeptical mindset
  • Where we hoard all we know and have and use it selfishly 
  • When everything occurs without pain, lessons, or effort

Abundance IS: 

  • What we tap into after continuous inner work 
  • Where trust is felt 
  • When control is released
  • Why we overcome adversity 
  • How we turn our pain into purpose

Abundance happens “when we join forces with life [using] decisive action, remaining open to receiving gifts….and then return the favor to others”. 

Hilary closes the episode by asking listeners to delve into their own definition of Abundance as well as share their Abundant experiences in the SickBiz Community. 

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