In this week’s episode, Hilary flies solo and shares the connection between misplaced pride and abundance. 

  • Abundance becomes possible when we get honest about our behaviors and beliefs and put pride in its rightful place.
  • Misplaced pride occurs when we unknowingly take pride in things we should not take pride in; things that ultimately keep us down and block abundance.
  • Being overly critical (of ourselves and others) is not a complimentary vibration to abundance and reiterates the needs to be “crystal freaking clear” when calling in abundance.
  • Entrepreneurs need to take a closer look at their day to day lives and the conversations they have with themselves and others. People are more alike than not regardless of how abundance manifests in their lives.

Hilary closes the podcast by asking listeners to, “examine the values you’ve brought into your life and see what it is getting you.”

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