Hilary flies solo this week and talks about the importance of nurturing yourself and your relationships as you grow and change in your business and life. If we want to be profitable entrepreneurs, we must “be willing to crack the foundation that holds us in place.”

An effective way to gain clarity is by asking questions such as:

  • What do I really want to be when I grow up?
  • What makes you (and your partner) uncomfortable about having money?
  • What compromises need to be made in our relationships and business to achieve a personal and professional life we love?

Hilary also discusses how leveling up requires the acknowledgment of mixed emotions: relief and guilt, elation and fear, bliss and despair. You can’t know one without having known the opposite and leveling up demands an upshift to focusing on the positive while not denying the negative.

The episode closes with Hilary reminding us that it’s okay to admit we are afraid of change; that change requires, “massive grounding and knowing who you are.” Hilary asks listeners to find out the answers to these questions knowing that when we’re brave enough to do so the other pieces will fall into place.

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