Hilary began SickBiz so other Sick Biz owners don’t have to go through what she did upon diagnosis. In this podcast, Hilary talks about the Top 10 Positive Things About Sickness & Disability.

Starting with a call to “position your diagnosis with gratitude,” Hilary shares how being sick and disabled can be the catalyst for necessary yet positive changes in your life. (Parking placards & more time!) The benefits of stillness, adequate rest, more self-awareness and fewer excuses are reviewed, along with other upsides of illness.

Hilary also discloses her love affair with socks and encourages listeners to find what is most comforting for them. Noting the “critical importance of a sense of humor,” Hilary inspires Sick Biz Owners to rely on gratitude and honesty as tools for staying positive through sickness and disability.

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