Hilary began Sick Biz so fellow Sick Biz Entrepreneurs don’t have to go through what she went through upon diagnosis.

In the return of the SBB Podcast (the first of 2019!), Jastram shares what led to a necessary break in the SBB Podcast as well as the importance of self-love and acceptance in dealing with the fact that Sick Biz Owners do not have the “24/7 bottomless tanks of energy” usually required for owning and running a business.

Hilary talks about the importance of validating yourself for doing things differently, using acceptance as a path to vulnerability, and shifting inner perspectives. She shares how she found answers through pain (instead of denying it) as well as the necessity of accepting help and “letting people in” so you can effectively grow your business.

The podcast concludes with exciting services coming soon to SBB and a call to grace, confidence, love, and acceptance for 2019.

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