Henry Mims grabbed his hearing impairment, wrestled it into submission, and has found success in day trading and in life. Henry’s is an inspiring story!

Henry Mims is inspiration without knowing it. As a daytrader, marketer and a veteran home worker–he has been doing this since long before the pandemic–he’s a great resource for you in terms of what is working when home working, what the hell the market’s doing and how to keep your business rolling, and he has profound hearing loss. Not to mention he is funny and as real as they come.


  • When to bring in people who know more than you.
  • Henry’s disability forced him to confront life even when he was racing BMX bikes. There was never an excuse to not do what he wanted.
  • A mini-market lesson in stocks (still, seek a professional!) Henry is proof that you need to keep your eyes and heart open when meeting people.

At this time, look to the helpers, look to the credible people who can help you. Look to the people who have been at this gig longer than you and learn why they are still in business, and then apply it to your own business. We all need to support each other–especially now. Use Henry’s wisdom to help you get ahead and click here to get in touch with him.

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