Rodolfo’s game-changing discovery will change your business and potentially your life!

This topic is riveting in this year of discovering the flipside. Whatever is ailing you, usually brings with it, silver linings.

Multi-million mega-producer Rodolfo teaches us about the power of self-obsession which can translate into a negative or positive force.

Sick Biz Buzz Show Bullet Points:

  • Take a fearless moral inventory and ask yourself who you really are. Be honest in your assessment, yet forgiving as you examine your answers. Are you making excuses? If you are not okay with who you are, what is step number one to take to make the changes you need?
  • When you change your focus from yourself to giving back to people and serving, your whole life changes directions from the compulsive dissection of you, to a service-oriented energy flowing out to reach and help others.
  • Waking up with gratitude resets your day with a renewed joyful vigor. This is a reframing of how you approach your life. Think about today in terms of setting your goal.

Remember, we’re all in this together. To hear more supportive and mindset-blowing ideas, keep listening to Sick Biz Buzz.

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