Cole VanDeWoestyne creates content for the likes of business gurus Tai Lopez and Alex Charfen. But did you know that this copywriter to the greats still deals with gripping anxiety?

Get a grip! You don’t have to let anxiety control your life — even if it still lingers in the background. Here, Cole talks about the ways he channeled his paralyzing anxiety into energy to propel him forward.

1. Don’t buy into the stigma that anxiety is “not a real issue.”

Cole had to overcome the societal notion that anxiety is something to be ignored. “Others who face anxiety on a regular basis keep it to themselves and don’t get the support that they need to help launch out of it.”

2. Make “rock bottom” purposeful.

After hitting rock bottom the first time, Cole decided to own it the second time. “I packed my stuff up and moved to California with enough money for one month’s worth of rent. I had no secure job. I wanted to put myself in a place where I was extremely uncomfortable. I wanted to put all the depression and OCD all onto myself.”

3. Anxiety is a gift, not an affliction. 

There is nothing “wrong” with his condition, to Cole. He’s learned how to leverage the energy behind it with every daunting phone call. “If I don’t get anxious before I get on the phone with someone, something is wrong.”

4. You’re anxious. It’s OK. 

Cole learned to condition his mind when he starts to feel a little anxious. He tells himself that he is going to enjoy the other side of it. “It went from very severe pacing and avoiding phone calls to not avoiding them.”

5. Have a mantra ready to go.

“ABCDEFG”… Cole sings the alphabet song when he feels anxiety coming on. Reciting mantras and taking the simplest actions like just getting out of bed to do the dishes can release you from the grips — and launch you into productivity.

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